Collection: Group A: The Prerequisite Courses

Course O: Do Bankers Suppress Gold and Silver Asset Prices?, Course K: Overcome Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias; and Course P: Find a Life of Purpose, are the three courses that are mandatory prerequisite courses before embarking on your educational journey with us. Why?

Without a strong foundation rooted in critical thinking, a discipline no longer taught in the institutional academic system, extracting the maximum amount of value from all Tomii Academy wealth building courses is impossible. Without understanding Course O, the knowledge of which is found in no MBA program in the world, not even Harvard Business School, extracting the most value from all Tomii Academy courses about precious metals, is impossible. Finally, I deem Course P to be the most important course of my entire Academy, as a life without deep meaning and purpose, in my opinion, is a life not worth living. Thus, even though Course P has the least amount in common with the rest of the 19 courses of my Academy, if I could choose one course for everyone to complete that visits this website, it would be Course P.