How Being Programmed “What to Think” v. “How to Think” Has Ruined All Meaning in Life, by John Kim

How Being Programmed “What to Think” v. “How to Think” Has Ruined All Meaning in Life, by John Kim

For many of us, perhaps even the majority of us, our deeply held beliefs were blindly adopted from pre-engineered societal frameworks established in our psyches from birth. As a consequence, we unfortunately perceive those pathways that deviate from these pre-ordained pathways as odd or strange, when in fact, these pathways are the pathways to finding a much more meaningful life than many of us live today. For example, consider how homeschooling, as recently as 2024, was still considered by most as a fringe choice and not accepted as a viable and competitive alternative to institutional academics, despite the Ruling Class’s decision to force hundreds of millions of children to home school around the world during  three years of lockdowns.  A consequence of blindly following pre-ordained pathways, whether for education or career, is a crippling inability to formulate realistic expectations of the effort required to realize our dreams.


Today, the youth possess an unprecedented level of entitlement that spawns unrealistic expectations of receiving large financial rewards  without the expenditure of equivalent effort.  This is the very reason we have witnessed many of those younger than 30-year old voluntarily engage in morally bankrupt behavior and proudly parade it on various social media platforms simply to reap as much money as possible, no matter the harm their exploitative actions inflict on innocent strangers and even upon family and friends. And even for those that reject this morally deviant, “get rich quick” career path, the traditional route may not be the best choice for many as well. What is the traditional route? The answer is the pursuit of good grades and high test scores to gain entrance at top-tier schools to secure a good job at a prestigious corporation.  Because I observe dozens of young adults pursue this path and achieve the end goal of securing a good job with high pay at a prestigious corporation, but yet question why their lives still feel so hollow and empty, perhaps the traditional path is not the right one for many.


The vast majority of us engage in a traditional path simply because it is what everyone else is doing and because it fits our belief of what we are expected to do.


Consequently, if we traverse this pathway and find ourselves unsatisfied with life, we feel cheated of not attaining the result of happiness through material success that is promised to us. But we never ask ourselves, “Whom exactly is the entity offering us this path?”  How many of us have accepted our religion or no religion as the best choice for no other reason than our parents had no religion or commanded us to adopt the same religion as theirs? How many of us actually read the scriptures ascribed to our religion before rejecting or accepting it, or even studied several religions before rejecting or adopting a religion, as any intellectual would do? How many of us have passed judgment on another culture, race or community, without ever spending even one hour talking with not one, but with many different members of that culture, race or community?


In my lifetime, I’ve met many adults that called the very type of gang members I mentored as a young adult in Los Angeles “animals that should be locked away in jail forever” even though every single person that offered such a cursory, non-experiential based critique had never set foot in a poor community ridden with crime, never spent a single minute speaking with the teenagers they wanted to lock up “forever”, and possessed zero understanding of the life and death struggles constantly faced by teenagers  and young adults that lived in these communities. Yet, when we find ourselves monthly, if not weekly or daily, engaged in conversations with self-proclaimed experts that possess zero experience and knowledge about the multitude of topics over which they profess expertise, this sad state of ignorance, passed off as “expertise”, is rapidly becoming the norm in our society. In other words, institutional education has been essential in establishing a mindset that teaches us what to think versus how to think. And I intend to reverse this intellectual abomination.


Again, such indictments are not indictments against anyone’s intellect. Rather, they are indictments of a broken academic system that fails to develop critical thinking skills and the pursuit of a meaningful life. They are indictments against the Peter Thiel, Bill Gates billionaire-driven transhumanism agenda that encourages our increasing immersion in virtual worlds with virtual friends over engagement in the real world and the secularism of subjective morality, a morally devoid framework in which every person anoints themselves as the judge of all men as opposed to the order inducing framework guided by objective morality. They are indictments against the aggressive promotion of not just an immoral world, but also against an amoral world in which our choices are being relegated to “better or worse” versus the superior paradigm of “right versus wrong”. And this is why the Ruling Class so desperately wants to create a world without religion in which objective morality does not exist. In such a world, control over billions by commanding them what to think while simultaneously stripping billions of learning how to think becomes a very achievable goal. The more the Ruling Class strips society of objective morality, the more the seize control over the minds of the masses. I firmly believe that the Ruling Class implemented global lockdowns from 2020 to the end of 2022 as a test to see how many people they have successfully stripped of an objective morality framework, and they discovered that answer was already in the billions.


Tragically, each subsequent year spent inside the “educational” system has killed our abundant levels of creativity, individualism, curiosity and critical thinking skills and replaced these essential characteristics with the imposition of a collective, obedient hive-like mentality in which its inhabitants grow to love their servitude and try to relentlessly punish anyone that does not “go along to get along”. This mindset, also known as cancel culture, is insanely insidious because it is a mindset that has successfully bullied into silence millions of good people and transformed them from good into bad people and tools of the State. Unfortunately, courage, masculinity and honor are just three additional elements being stripped from society in the Ruling Class’s war against us, and much of their war today is being successfully waged inside the four walls of school classrooms.


In fact, the dumbing down, transhumanism, social media-based schooling agenda has muddled and distorted our understanding of the real world to such a degree that large percentages of people all over the world have resorted to self-medication as the antidote to anxiety, loneliness and depression, without understanding that the real antidotes to loneliness are intimate connections with other human beings. Even a single intimate connection to one other human being can easily conquer loneliness of the highest order, yet BILLIONS among us have failed to recognize this simple truism, choosing to numb our loneliness with opiates and alcohol, and dopamine hits from social media platforms. Of course, this is precisely why the Ruling Class locked us down for three years from 2020 to 2022, as isolating billions in solitude created a mental health crisis that surpassed by many multiples the one created by a virus, the danger of which the Ruling Class wildly exaggerated. During 2021, according to the UK Office of National Statistics, alcohol-related deaths soared by 19% in the United Kingdom.


According to Dr. Tony Rao of King’s College London, surveys revealed that lockdowns created 1 million additional alcoholics (those that consume at least 50 units of alcohol per week) just in the UK, after just one year of lockdown. Child developmental tests conducted by UK child psychologists further revealed that lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates based on zero credible science severely impaired child cognitive and social development. There is a strong probability that moving forward from 2024, that societies and families worldwide will still suffer the full negative social consequences of three years of lockdowns for years to come.



One can be deeply lonely in a crowd of fifty people if one has nothing but superficial connections to all fifty, yet be completely at peace and feel extremely loved in a crowd of two, if one is deeply connected and rooted to that other single person.


Therefore, for all of us that attended a traditional brick-and-mortar school and university for the duration of our academic life, we are not completely at fault for our current uneducated state today. Rarely was our true intellect ever challenged and developed during early critical years of human development nor during later years when young adults should be at their creative peak. We are only at fault if we do not do anything to correct our academically trained, lowly-educated egos. We need to stop conflating academics with education as one can be highly degreed but still remain highly ignorant and uneducated.  Having graduated from an Ivy League university and having been exposed to Ivy League MBA graduates for the entirety of my life as a consequence, I can confirm that some of the lowest common-sense, non-critical thinking people I have ever met in my life have been Ivy League graduates. Thus, I find the expressed desire of those that graduated from prestigious universities of an “equally educated” partner in life as completely comical, as I know that their definition of education revolves around academic pedigree and not any truly demonstrated intellect. In running my previous consulting business, I interviewed MBA graduates, university graduates and high school graduates. During this process, I often discovered the high school graduates to be far more educated than the MBA graduates because they were capable of independent critical thought whereas the MBA graduates were not.   


Education dispensed through traditional institutions and brick and mortar classrooms has become so woefully inadequate, that I found myself, during lockdowns, arguing with English Literature, Art History or Political Science majors with zero health care experience, that insisted they were correct and I was incorrect in discussions about the safety of new drugs offered to the world back then. This occurred too many times to count, despite the fact that I had a degree in the Biological Basis of Behavior (the neurobiology track), read numerous books about immunology and virology, worked at one of the best hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hospital, had been a credited researcher in articles published in medical journals, and had administered a pediatric immunization campaign in Philadelphia. There can be no other blame for this type of systemic stupidity that exists in society than the utter failure of the institutional academic system to provide real education.


As an example of the utter failure of “elite” Ivy League schools to truly educate a person in how to think versus what to think, we can use celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, as he is far from the most educated and intelligent person in the field of astrophysics but yet he is the most well-known one due to the fact the he serves the Ruling Class’s purpose of dumbing down millions with a false definition of intelligence. With great irony, I once heard deGrasse Tyson claim that the most dangerous person is one that knows just enough about a topic to believe he is right while not knowing enough about the topic to know he is wrong. It is ironic because deGrasse Tyson lacked the self-awareness to realize that during covid, he became the very embodiment of the “most dangerous person” he described. During this time, with zero knowledge of immunology and virology, DeGrasse Tyson presented endless unscientific arguments about pharmaceutical drugs as facts that I easily deconstructed as lies here. DeGrasse Tyson was the very person that did not know enough about a topic to know he was wrong yet insisted with enormous arrogance that he was right! And this is the danger of following every word of those the Ruling Class has made famous as “authorities” about various subject matters. Through such people, the Ruling Class spreads lies to the world.


This is Part Two of a 10-part series of the problems that afflict our global academic solution and the steps we need to take to solve them. Stay tuned for the next part, “How Institutional Academia Has Created the Crippling Chaos Pervasive in Society Today.” In the meantime, visit us at Tomii Academy to learn how we are implementing these  much needed changes right now.

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