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Here is what John Kim's clients have said about his currently active subscription substack professional newsletter that uses Tomii Academy content to produce winning investment strategies and about his former investment consulting company in which Tomii Academy founder John Kim used the knowledge base of Tomii Academy courses in the provision of investment consulting services:

Note that unsolicited testimonials provided below by clients of J. Kim's current and former ventures provide proof of concept of all Tomii Academy material and reflect material that does not even comprise 10% of the material to which you will have access as a member of Tomii Academy. All below testimonials do not include any current Tomii Academy clients as Tomii Academy was launched in March 2024. As we receive testimonials moving forward from March 2024, they will be added below.


 J. Kim's Substack Newsletter Testimony below:

“You have helped me stop the habit of losing money. Up 30% since I joined your team…Thanks for all the insight.. I found you earlier on ZH and started following and reading. Joined Patreon and began utilizing your methods July 25.. Because I stopped my stupid mistakes and refuse to take losses, I am up $30K utilizing $90K. $10K paper and rest earned. Nice to see increases in the acct in this environment. Thanks for the hard work!”

– Richard B.


“Thanks John! For those free dabblers on the cusp I would like to say that John and his advice/predictions/insight/experience is worth far more than the entrance fee. Get in here, get learnt, and invest wisely for real positive returns! You do need to invest time and monitor things daily in my opinion. Get passionate about it and it isn't a chore. UUUU is up 16.84% in 22 days! Chur!”

- Ryan A.


“John, Your recommendations and profit/loss ratios are the best that I have been able to find, and I wish I had discovered you sooner.”

- Derff


“Accurate as stated! My only regret is not joining last year. Thanks John.”

- Anthony


“John's analysis of price movements in various equities turns out to be very accurate. I always look at recommendations from various sources to see if they use past market statistics to predict future performance. If that turns out to be true then I totally disregard their recommendations since it is like driving down a freeway with your eyes firmly fixed on your rear view mirror. John's track record is really excellent and I would strongly recommend joining his Substack channel.”

– Harley O.


“John Kim and his [Academy] have been instrumental in a number of winning trades presented to his subscribers over the past few years. John has a knack for ferreting out a consistent parade of trades that have increased my trading account value tremendously. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to his Substack channel and benefit from his knowledge and expertise in traversing the Arena known as the Stock Market. You won't regret it! Happy trading, All."

– Alex E.


“My God you have been so right about crypto and they have been so wrong. My brother was going to buy at $60k because of Riskhedge and I told him not to based on [your suggestion that BTC] could fall to the $20k mark. Saved him a lot of money…keep up the great work John.”

– A Satisfied Subscriber that asked to stay anonymous


“John Kim offers simple honest financial advice. He is excellent at his craft and explains his reasons for each trade. John works hard for his money and I consider his financial advice the best on the street. I may have 10 to 15 emails to read and I will always read John Kim first. Great guy to have on your team as we try to increase our assets.”

– Kevin H.


“Thank you. your report gives me a clearer understanding of your approach to investing and a comfort level knowing such. It's kind of like having a TA and FA [with] John. Glad I am on board with you for the wild ride ahead.”

– MorePaul


“You seem to have been in that very small group of ‘thinkers’ in which I have lived for over half a century, John. I hold extremely few people in awe in this sad world, but Hugo Salinas Price and Mr. John Kim are among them. HSP’s relentless unparalleled efforts to get Mexico on a silver standard currency is pure genius. My hope is that soon he will succeed in that mission.”



“Found you through your article yesterday. What impressed me most was your clear sighted understanding of how manipulated these markets are, and the criminals that control them. Absolutely, TA alone isn't sufficient. Happy to have found someone who has access to, and understanding of, manipulation metrics.” – Blueheadinvestor


“Mr. Kim of skwealthacademy is undoubtedly one of the best writers of our time, he writes the best articles on Zero Hedge without fail.”

– Dave


“Great work tho! Very much appreciate following your insights and analysis. Def making me money and not losing money.”

– Aldous


“Correct & accurate analysis. Brilliant meta analysis. Thank you for putting in the work & discipline & sharing with us.”

– Joseph M.


“Mr. Kim has, along with Ted Butler and Andrew Macguire, the best understanding and expositions of the longstanding silver and gold suppression efforts by the powers that be. I can only hope he has an idea to share with us of how much longer they can keep the lid on the pot.”

– Robert R.


“Excellent analysis and prediction. You're amazing.”

– Wayne (in reference to my prediction that BTC prices, when trading at $21k, would crash to $17k in six weeks)


“I have benefited greatly from the [substack subscription newsletter published] by J. Kim. it is of most benefit to me that I don't have to second guess myself and have someone I trust to rely on.”

- Jean


Here are the PROFIT YIELDS of J. Kim's previous research and consulting company, reaped from strategies created specifically with knowledge contained in Tomii Academy courses.


In 2010, J. Kim selected  21 favorite gold/silver mining stocks from which he built an asset allocation model sent to his clients. Two stocks yielded losses  of -11.70% and -23.52% in 2010.  The other 19 stocks yielded the following returns in 2010 (all listed yields were realized profits using J. Kim's provided buy and sell prices for all stocks):

+457.14%, +346.22%, +189.42%, +221.50%, +119.23%, +65.05%, +70.51%, +72.06%, +154.34%, +84.07%, +73.78%, +97.07%, +97.90%. +88.68%, +80.08%, +77.78%, +68.72%, +45.16% , +8.97%


TESTIMONY from clients  of John Kim's first consulting firm below:

“Whilst I purchased your Platinum level membership a couple of weeks ago, it has only been in the last 36 hours that I have actually gotten into the modules (21-28). So two words: WOW! and THANK YOU! Actually three words... but truly, I am finding the information and the degree of detail fascinating, I feel your passion for this subject coming off the screen! And, importantly, I am acting on this information. Thank you for your massive efforts in putting this course together and making it available to all."

- Jamie T., Melbourne, Australia


“As a new subscriber and a novice having to go it alone and learn very quickly, I want to thank you very much for your excellent and perfectly timed alert today, which is well explained and not too complicated for first time investors. I was afraid your Platinum subscription was going to be way above my head, but it seems possible for first-time investors to follow you too. A great relief! You obviously have humility and patience to deal with beginners, traits of character in short supply in the financial business and if others like you realized the huge niche there is for clients like me, a clear step by step hand holding guidance to walking through the minefield of manipulated markets, they would be astounded at the business opportunity there....(even in my ignorance, I, a mere private individual beginner/investor am already being asked by friends/family around me if I would invest for them!). There are large amounts of wealthy individuals desperate and left hanging out there...and the classic mistake by the majority of investment advice is to forget that we know nothing. Period. Anyway, many many thanks!"

- S.G., Switzerland


"I just want you to know how much I appreciate how you interact with your members and how you explain your thought process regarding PM investing. Your guidance is wonderful, and it imparts a feeling of your knowing the psychology of the inexperienced investors -- who are ready to 'jump in'-- (possibly at the wrong time....not knowing what we are doing :-) As you teach us, trust grows, as many of us may be a 'little', (that being an understatement) nervous, as we have lost money in the past, due to poor financial advice. I especially appreciate the kind, understanding and gentle quality of how you guide and 'take care' of your members. There is a very special quality that comes through very clearly, and I just wanted you to know how much I personally appreciate it."

"It is clear that you are devoted to helping people and have a very deeply rooted vision; and the way you communicate exudes integrity, politeness and humanity. Actually, one of the main things that made me decide to become a member of CIO, besides the results you have achieved, was your explaining your successes as well as some things you had learned along the way. Your openly saying what you had learned caught my attention right away and was so refreshing. I am wary of 'spin,' and crave honesty, integrity and deeply appreciate the admission of fallibility in the people and organizations with which I am involved. We are all human and the act of openly stating not only our successes, but also the things that might have been done differently, communicates trust and respect that goes both ways (from you to your members-- i.e. we feel that we are real to you, and you respect us enough to be totally straightforward; and from the members to you-- because you are constantly building and strengthening trust and respect through your vast knowledge and candor)."

- Lyn B., USA


"I would like to say thanks to Mr. Kim for practicing great discipline and patience in his approach to investment timing. As the value of physical gold and silver rises daily to new highs, I find myself wrestling with the urge to jump in and buy more. Mr. Kim’s practice of being patient and choosing entry/exit points that are based upon reduction of risk may seem obvious to him but to the average Joe (like me) it’s a lesson that is hard to put into practice. Having him as a mentor has helped me to practice greater discipline and patience in my investing. In other words I am beginning to invest intelligently rather than emotionally – That alone has been worth the price of the [SmartKnowledgeU] Crisis Investment Opportunities subscription."                                                       

-James H., USA


“I remain very excited to have found such an insightful and honest company as SmartknowledgeU.  I have some education in Austrian Economics, but haven’t found any analyst who could explain the anomalies I’ve seen in the metals and provide accurate projections like those of JS Kim.  The integrity and diligence of this company permeates the newsletters I’ve received, which is quickly winning my trust and satisfaction.  I look forward to receiving more newsletters and having the opportunity to learn more about this unique company, which I believe is on the cutting edge of a financial reformation.”

      - Levi K., USA


“Well, I have been reading your material all day…I am not sure I have what it takes to stick with your program…however, I will retract my request for a refund, because I can tell that even if I do not use any of your suggestions, the information is still priceless. Thank you Sir.”

- N.C, California, USA


“[The Wealth Secrets Membership] was eye opening and fascinating. My business is in education, precisely for the reason that I could see so much wrong with it. It is an incredible feeling to be able to link up the causes and effects and then to link them to all the other nagging feelings that I had about media, politics and money. Truly exhilarating.”

- Daniel J., United Kingdom


“Money has definitely been made, you pretty much timed this thing to perfection. Absolutely incredible. Got plenty of dry powder left and ready to load up again when you give the word.” (regarding guidance to take profits at specific price points with certain precious metal stocks in 2009, the SmartKnowledgeU™ Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter)

- Tim D., California, USA


“I did buy some [of the investments you discussed]. They're up 125%...I've always believed that knowledge is power. Not only do you have a huge arsenal of knowledge, you have the intuition. You are truly gifted, and I am blessed to have [your company] as a friend."

- Angela C., California, USA


"Regarding [your] Private Consultation: Your input has been most valuable and you have given me so much confidence and knowledge about the current crisis. I am certain that my portfolio would not be where it is today if not for your services. I am delighted to report that my [ ]portfolio is doing very well! Earlier this week, I made over $20,000 in one day in just my stocks (not even including the [other investments we discussed]).....I couldn't have done it without you...I do subscribe to a number of different services to provide me with a well rounded perspective; however your services is by far the most detailed and thorough (and my favorite)."

- Cheryl W., Indiana, USA


"Regarding a specific and timely investment opportunity we sent all Platinum Level members in a 2008 Special Alert: “Sold all 150 calls and locked in gains of about $23,000 [in just two weeks time]. Thanks!”

- Rich K., Florida, USA


"You were so prescient in predicting all of this -- it's amazing! I remember you predicting Washington Mutual failing too! You really do have a crystal ball."

- Joanna G., California, USA


“I am definitely more confident [about investing on my own]. Since I became a [Platinum] Member, I have consolidated all of my 401k funds into one Fidelity account, and the investments I have made have been significantly better than if I had left them where they were. I am 55 years old and only have about 10 more years to get my 401k healthy to a point that I can retire and live a fairly good life. I am confident I can get my account up significantly so that my children will not have to worry about my finances as I grow older.”

- Diane H., Maryland, USA


“I am making money now, and your input has been very valuable to me, as I am learning about the economics and investment. I am quite grateful to get to know and learn from you at the early stage of my investment, and it has set me on a good and right track.”

- Aaron K., California, USA


“I have rarely met a professional with so much deep insight and knowledge about his area of expertise. The advice John gives is to the point and easy to follow. I will highly recommend John to anyone.”

- Tim H., Bangkok, Thailand


"I truthfully want to thank [your] Team, especially Mr. Kim, for allowing other people to learn about such precious knowledge that we could hardly ever find elsewhere. I confidently believe that the things that [you] teach will be significantly influential to so many people. Mr. Kim allows me to live outside the machine where its system restricts the population from seeing the truth for themselves. I consider myself very lucky for knowing Mr. Kim and [his company]."

- Max K., Seoul, South Korea


“I have stressed to both of [my children] that reading these modules [the wealth literacy modules for young adults] can be life changing if they put some effort into reading the material…Once again, thank you very much for sharing this material with my children. I sincerely believe this will change their life.”

- Diane H., Maryland, USA


“Mr. Kim is one of the best high performing executives I know in Japan. He has excellent connections at the highest levels in various industries, high level skills in foreign languages, highly self-motivated individual, displays leadership skills, nice personality and is a member of the corporate elite in Asia. I recommend him without any hesitation. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Kim and we would welcome another opportunity to partner with him.”

      - Al P., Tokyo, Japan