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O: Do Bankers Manipulate Prices of Gold and Silver Assets? Part II

O: Do Bankers Manipulate Prices of Gold and Silver Assets? Part II

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10 Lessons, 183p Coursework, 6hr 35m Audio

In the last decade, debates regarding whether or not bankers suppress gold and silver prices arose, mostly driven by emotion and political expediency, but very little fact. As recently as 2019, this debate was still ongoing and highly controversial, with many prominent members of the gold community insisting that any belief in Central Banker gold price manipulation is pure rubbish. However, one must not be misled by the extensive white noise surrounding this topic, spread by both industry insiders and outsiders, and understand the true answer to this topic in order to make prudent financial decisions in response to the ongoing Central Banker global currency wars.  To arrive at the truth of this question, I analyze the role of regulatory agencies, futures markets, and HFT (high frequency trading) algorithms in setting gold and silver prices to determine if the influence of these players allows for market or manipulated price discovery of gold and silver prices. I further explore whether China and Russia, as two of the largest holders of physical gold in the world, are participating in helping to keep gold prices low, the reasons why they may have done so in previous years but are now much less likely to do so moving forward from 2022, and if they are now fighting to liberate gold prices higher or still colluding with Western banking cartel members to suppress gold and silver prices. Finally, I lay down the truth about whether certain widely accepted narratives, such as the daily volume of global forex markets dwarfing that of gold and silver markets, are true, or just mythical narratives put forth by the investment industry to control asset prices.

In Course O, I put many of the above questions to rest by presenting clear evidence that proves once and for all, the answers to the many questions that surround what factors truly set gold and silver market prices. However, with a few of the more controversial questions, there is not enough evidence to provide a clear cut answer, so I present the evidence that exists, draw conclusions from the available evidence, and then make predictions of future asset price behavior based upon these best drawn conclusions. Course O is one of the prerequisite courses of my academy because one must understand information presented in this course that will never be presented in any business school academic setting or even any professional setting, but yet is essential for successful navigation through the dangerous and unpredictable financial waters that will result from the impending implosion of the Bubble of Everything between 2022 and 2029. Without understanding the real factors that set asset prices, specifically in gold and silver, none of which are ever discussed in the mainstream media or in business school classrooms, one will never be able to make intelligent decisions in the face of crashing stock markets, whether the crash happens by way of a melt-up or melt-down. Finally, since sides in the debate of banker manipulation of gold and silver prices usually are divided by political and career affiliations, I use this topic to illustrate why our ethics and morality should only be loyal to the side of righteousness and not to party affiliations as I describe why suppression of gold and silver prices have greatly contributed to massive wealth inequality in the world.


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