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B: The Inflation They Never Taught Us About in School

B: The Inflation They Never Taught Us About in School

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9 Lessons, 6 Exercises, 173 pages Coursework, 5hr 29m Audio

This course discusses the true definition of inflation versus the textbook definition of inflation and further explores how bankers use inflation to degrade the wealth of citizens. Even though bankers have turned “inflation” into a concept that everyone accepts as part of the “natural” economic cycle, learn how, little more than a century ago, no citizen of any nation willingly accepted significant inflation of their currency because they understood inflation to be what it truly is - banker robbery of our hard-earned wealth. Learn how to calculate true inflation rates in your nation that often exceed government/banker “official rates” by four to five times, and learn how to leverage knowledge of true inflation rates in your nation to not only better invest your money and keep money out of investments that financial advisors falsely inform you have positive annual yields (but really have negative real net yields once true inflation is accounted for). In addition, gain the knowledge to never be misled by the thousands of economists and money managers around the world that continually quote fake “official” government inflation rates in the provision of their financial “advice” and learn not only how to calculate true inflation rates no matter the nation  in which you live, but also learn how to negotiate better salaries and challenge annual salary raises that are always based on bogus and fake COLA (cost of living adjustment) data promoted by commercial investment industry managers.

Finally , learn what concrete steps you can take to protect yourself against Central Banker's currency wars that likely will have apocalyptic effects on your wealth at some point between 2022 to 2029, and learn why the contagion of massive losses of purchasing power that has already afflicted nearly 80 nations by 2019 is near guaranteed to spread to your nation, even if you live in a nation that possesses a major global economy. Learn, even had you lived in the worst afflicted nations like Venezuela, why the guidance and knowledge I provide in this course would still have protected your wealth from being destroyed, and indeed did protect the wealth of some former clients of mine that resided in Venezuela.


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