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P: Why Finding a Life of Purpose Should Be Our Top Goal, Part I

P: Why Finding a Life of Purpose Should Be Our Top Goal, Part I

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5 Lessons, 5 Exercises, 275 pages Coursework, 19h 17m Audio

This course focuses on my mission to make every person the best version of himself or herself as continual growth, challenges and struggles that arise from having a purpose in life create longer periods of sustainable happiness over the course of our lifetimes. In my humble opinion, the vast reason the great majority of people, when interviewed about their level of happiness over the cumulative period of their lives, reveal a low level of happiness, is simply due to a choice to follow a “pre-determined by society” path in life regarding school, family and career without ever determining if these rigid paths are right for them. We go to school because we are told this is the way to become “educated”. We go to work for someone else because we are told it’s “too hard” to become an entrepreneur. We start a family by a certain age because it’s “what we’re supposed to do” or worse yet, because we desire to have children that will take care of us in our old age. We’re ordered to believe in political and financial paradigms because doing so is part of being a “good citizen”, even if these paradigms are unethical and immoral, and should anyone disagree with these paradigms, we are told to shame and ostracize them.

We follow the goal of getting the highest exam scores possible to get the best paying job so we can own the biggest home and fanciest ride in our neighborhood because this is exactly what everyone else is doing, but we never stop once at any point in our lives and ask, “But is this what I want?” Considering all of the decisions we make that are not made after careful consideration but that have been scripted for the entirety our lives, it is no coincidence that the rates of anxiety, depression and suicide among citizens have exploded in many nations that cater to these scripted choices and opened doors through which masses are shuttled like cattle. I designed this course specifically to open everyone’s eyes to the multitude of choices in life we ignore  and to demonstrate that nearly every one we know never considers the endless array of options open to us, but only make our choices from a severely constricted set of choices that all funnel us through the same doorways, no matter how different the doorways may look on the outside. Not only are extremely confining choices falsely presented to us as “limitless” options, but when our choices do not work out, we have been programmed, through the behavioral conditioning tactics imbedded into the paradigms of our social environments not to assume any personal responsibility for our choices and actions. Instead, when we don’t receive the entitlements that society has taught us we should expect, we tend to always blame others for our own shortcomings. Such refusal to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions further elevates the levels of learned helplessness that has been spreading like an epidemic in the developed world for the past several decades.

To counter these psychologically damaging firmaments that encapsulate most of us and keep us confined within a limited operational framework throughout our entire live, I designed Course P to specifically illustrate that our choices in life, can, and should consist of far greater options than the majority of us ever consider.

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