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E: Why You Should Own Silver

E: Why You Should Own Silver

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8 Lessons, 4 exercises, 149 pages Coursework, 6h 53m audio materials

Though most people view silver as a dual monetary and industrial metal, during historical times when the world is suffering from the uncertain fates of paper fiat currencies, silver’s price behaves more like a monetary metal than as an industrial metal. I am confident that at some point between 2022 and 2029, silver prices will once again behave like a monetary metal. It’s difficult to believe that on 8 September 2014, the silver price was $18.82 an ounce in New York, and that 4-years later, at the end of 2018, it had incredulously dropped to under $15 an ounce. Why was it incredible? It was incredible because its price certainly was not reflecting global supply and demand nor did its price remotely act like a monetary metal during this time or accurately reflect the nature of global currency wars taking place among the world’s Central Bankers that devastated dozens upon dozens of fiat currencies’ purchasing power. However, such low silver USD prices are not bound to last very long, in my estimation, during 2022 to 2029.  In fact, even the $22 per ounce silver price that existed at the end of 2021 will, I am confident, be viewed as an enormous lost opportunity a few years from that date, for people that refused to purchase physical silver close to these bargain prices due to the cryptocurrency mania that lasted throughout 2021.


In this course, you will learn why the upside (in percentage terms) in silver may even be greater than gold. Furthermore, learn six compelling reasons to buy gold, as long as silver prices remain ludicrously underpriced. In Course E, learn the history of silver prices and its diverse uses, why the price setting mechanisms for silver have nothing to do with the reality of global silver supply and demand, and why silver’s strong price underperformance from 2011 to 2015 has forever wrongly colored people’s perception of silver as a risky asset. Learn also if silver's rarity as a precious metal over gold in above-ground quantities is really true or if this belief is just a myth and how knowledge of this information should affect your allocation towards physical silver versus physical gold. Finally, learn the extremely important difference between price and value when it comes to precious metal investment analysis, including a real world exercise that will likely shock you and finally convince you once and for all, how to properly analyze silver as an investment asset.

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