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K: Escape the Life Defeating Constructs of Cognitive Dissonance & Confirmation Bias, Part I

K: Escape the Life Defeating Constructs of Cognitive Dissonance & Confirmation Bias, Part I

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14 Lessons, 8 Exercises, 298 pages of  Coursework, 10h 53m Audio

In this course, you will learn how to identify bad tendencies that give rise to poor decisions and how to unwind, even if you are far removed from your academic years, decades of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias programming. Stop being led down the same negative pathways in the future that perhaps have currently entrapped you for many recent years. Though many among us do not believe that allowing cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias into our lives is a big deal as we use the excuse that “everyone falls victim to it”, I provide many real world examples in Course K, of  how the inability to identify cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias in our  decision making may repeatedly introduce harm into our lives. Furthermore, our embrace of these concepts, designed to instill obedience and compliance, is so powerful, that in many instances, it has caused thousands of people to make decisions that even resulted in the most terrible of all consequences - death.

Thus, consider this course to be one of the most important in my entire academy, as completing this course  could literally enable you to make the correct decisions in life and death situations in the future. And in the process, empower yourself to understand how the world of finance, money, and politics truly operates. Learn how those in power use mass media, social media, and internet search engines to spread disinformation and keep us compliant within a self-limiting framework of life that they have constructed to confine and contain our true potential as human beings, but in which they themselves never dwell. In Part I and Part II of this course, learn the steps you can take to break free of such confining self-defeating beliefs to unleash your true potential for perhaps the very first time in your life.