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Q: Everything You Need to Know About Gold Asset Investing, Part II

Q: Everything You Need to Know About Gold Asset Investing, Part II

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Lessons, 1 Exercise, 210 pages Coursework, 7h 5m Audio

Course Q is one of the most dense, information rich courses in skwealthacademy in which I’ve crammed, as the course title suggests, everything you need to know about investing in gold assets, whether physical gold assets or paper gold assets including instruction on how to properly strip out a great deal of risk when investing in highly volatile junior mining stocks. Course Q consists of a whopping 380 pages of materials and 15 hours of audio files that provide you with my expertise knowledge compiled over more than two decades of gold asset analysis and investing. In this course, I tell you everything you need to know to build a portfolio of the best physical gold assets and best gold mining stocks in the world that will be specifically catered to your risk profile.  Furthermore, not all gold assets are appropriate for those seeking protection against the Central Bankers’ massive destruction of fiat currency purchasing power, as some gold assets possess a great deal more risk versus others. Learn why applying the information you learned in business school, including MBA programs, and following big global bank analysts and online analysts could be hazardous to your financial health, as certain analytic rules that specifically apply only to gold and silver mining stocks must be applied when analyzing this specific asset class that are not taught in any college or university anywhere in the world.


Learn how, just as with any other industry, many charlatans exist in the physical and gold mining company universe that incessantly hype up assets. Learn how to avoid separating hype from reality to avoid making critical mistakes in dealing with these charlatans and learn how to identify and discard wild unsubstantiated claims often made in the precious metals mining industry. Most importantly, learn how you can combine your knowledge from Course O of this academy with this course to benefit your gold asset investing strategy. Complete our course exercises that allow you to identify more heavily price manipulated assets from their less heavily manipulated peers, gain comfort with investing in the little understood world of junior gold and silver mining stocks that often appreciate by 500% or more during gold bull runs, and learn how to safely purchase the best physical gold assets in the world.