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F: Fractional Reserve Banking - Humanity Harmful or Helpful? Part II

F: Fractional Reserve Banking - Humanity Harmful or Helpful? Part II

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7 Lessons, 101 pages Coursework, 3h 57m Audio

Learn about the hidden history of fractional reserve banking, including its true purpose. Once and for all I answer the question, “Is fractional reserve banking harmful or helpful to our ability to build sustainable wealth over time?” I expose the truth or falsehood of many accepted narratives, including the claim that the economic playing field is level for everyone.  Furthermore, I break down the largest global export of the fractional reserve banking system to discover if it is helpful or harmful to all global citizens. I also discuss if the mechanisms that have enabled just 8 people, by 2018, to accumulate the equivalent amount of wealth as the bottom 3.8 billion people of the world, is directly, indirectly, or not all related to the fractional reserve banking system. 


Consider that US Central Bankers created a minimum of $29 trillion out of thin air to save global banks, both domestic and foreign, from collapsing during the 2008 global financial crisis. To grant you an idea of how much currency $29 trillion represents, were you to lay down a one dollar bill side by side from the earth to the sun 93 million miles away, $29 trillion would travel from the earth to the sun not once, not twice, but 22 times! Most people have no idea how large a quantity 1 trillion really is, let alone 29 trillion. Expressed another way, 1 million seconds is about 11.5 days. 1 trillion seconds, however, is more than 31,700 years! And the US Central Bank created at least $29 trillion to bail out global banks after the 2008 global financial crisis.  Every single well-known philosopher and religious leader in history, when asked about fractional reserve banking, condemned it.  Find out if they were right or wrong in this opinion.


History teaches us that unwarranted monetary creation always creates various market collapses, but also that the wealthy always succeed in quietly exiting overinflated markets right before they collapse, while the public is always taken to the cleaners during the collapse.  History also teaches us that during these periods of collapse the wealthy have rigged the monetary system so much that there wealth continues to grow by leaps and bounds while everyone else’s wealth collapses during these times. Is it possible for you to exit price-distorted markets right before they collapse? Discover what the uber wealthy understand about the fractional reserve banking system that enables them to exit markets right before crashes repeatedly throughout history. Furthermore, learn why the enormous volumes of US dollars created to address the 2008 global banking crisis should be an enormous concern for all US dollar holders between 2024 and 2029.