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G: The Fraud of Key Economic Indicators

G: The Fraud of Key Economic Indicators

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9 Lessons, 128 pages Coursework, 5h 43m Audio

In Course G, an extension of Course B, learn the additional key economic indicators, besides the inflation statistic, that all governments regularly meddle with in order to paint a delusional, dishonest picture and narrative that they sell us to enable the continuation of unethical monetary policies upon us. Learn how to stop being goaded and manipulated by reported official key economic statistics that are overly optimistic into making poor investment decisions. Learn how the “juicing” of key economic statistics have goaded even those that never invest money into poor financial decisions, and more importantly, learn how to immediately stop this pattern to begin making much better and more beneficial decisions in your financial life.


Learn, in Course G, how we can challenge even ideas that we’ve accepted for our entire lives to create better lives for ourselves, and how bankers have used their media control to present a unified narrative to us that often results in the public’s embrace of false beliefs. Most importantly, learn how you can preserve your wealth even when your nation’s monetary policies are destroying the wealth of everyone else around you.  Finally, learn which financial theories and ideas, taught in business schools all around the world, are flat out incorrect and why belief in these theories can set your financial plan back by decades in your journey to retirement.


Though Course G is one of the very few courses in my academy that contains no exercises, the information contained in Course G is critical to understand and will provide the understanding of why the 6-month or year-long exercises provided in Courses B, C, D and E are critical to see to completion and finish.