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R: Gold's Seasonal Behavior & Global Risk Factors

R: Gold's Seasonal Behavior & Global Risk Factors

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11 Lessons, 213 pages Coursework, 6hr 41m Audio


Learn how to use gold’s seasonal behavior and seasonal risk factors to improve your yields every year when you invest in gold and other precious metal assets. Learn what the major global threats are to the performance of gold and precious metal asset prices each year. Learn why the contagion of the world’s emerging market countries will spread to the developed world currencies. Learn my unique take on how certain financial metrics widely used in the gold and silver mining industry should be calculated in order to arrive at a clear assessment about the risk/reward nature of investing in gold/silver mining stocks that you can only learn in my Academy. Learn why the usual manner in which these financial metrics are usually calculated to determine if a mining company is financially robust or not can lead to poor investment decisions that can easily be avoided by applying the lessons in this course.


Gold like many commodities, has certain seasonal behaviors in asset prices that one can utilize to lessen the risk of price volatility by buying it every year during seasonally low price periods and selling into seasonally high price periods. Of course, there are always years in which gold asset prices will deviate from their seasonal patterns. Even so, understanding these seasonal patterns provides a much better chance for a gold investor to buy in at annual low prices rather than annual high prices given the notorious volatility of precious metal assets. Though most people automatically assume that events that influence gold prices involve physical gold dynamics like increased buying during the Indian Diwali and wedding seasons, many other factors that have nothing to do with physical gold and silver dynamics significantly affect gold/silver prices. Learn how to leverage knowledge about these other factors to improve annual returns from investing in gold and silver assets. Finally, there are no assets that are risk-free and gold and silver assets, as do all other forms of money, possess a number of different global risk factors. Learn about these global risk factors to understand what percentage of your savings account should be devoted to physical gold and silver.