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D: Why You Should Own Gold, Part II

D: Why You Should Own Gold, Part II

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8 Lessons, 5 Exercises, 225 pages Coursework, 8h 46m Audio

In this course, I review the history of money and then fiat currencies from 800AD until today, including an analysis of why fiat currencies have repeatedly collapsed to their intrinsic values of nothingness. I also review the highly misunderstood Gold Standard, including the difference between a real gold standard and multiple “fake” gold standards like Bretton Woods, imposed upon the world throughout history by the global banking cartel, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. I explain why, if you do not understand the qualities of a real gold standard, which is not explained correctly in any traditional business classroom in the entire world, and for which I have never encountered a correct explanation online or in any book in my lifetime, it is impossible to fully understand why gold will be such a necessary component of everyone’s portfolio moving forward from 2022. In fact, nowhere else in the world will you find this correct explanation for a gold standard, to my knowledge, except in this course, as I spent decades researching it to compile a list of 10 characteristics every gold standard must possess. In creating this definition of a true monetary gold standard, I did not use anyone else’s explanation or textbook granted explanation, all of which contained flaws and mistakes in regard to the dozens of other “gold standard” definitions I have read throughout my lifetime.


Furthermore, I explain why an incorrect usage and definition of a gold standard explains the mass confusion around the world, especially among business school graduates, about false claims that the modern global economy could never support a return to a true gold standard. In fact, with the invention of blockchain technology, a return to a true gold standard that far exceeds the best qualities of gold standards used in past history is possible. I discuss how you can use the knowledge in Course D that you will never learn in any business class in the entire world to not only improve the quality of your life during the ongoing Central Banker currency wars, but also to initiate projects that can benefit all of humanity. Learn why "saving" under our current faulty global monetary system, as we are told every wise person should do, actually punishes us and can possibly lead to a worse quality of life over time, as impossible as this may sound. Learn why even a melt up in the US stock market between 2022 and 2029, if this happens, benefits no one but the richest people in America. Lastly, discover various psychological tradecraft deployed by bankers in physical gold and silver markets that you must understand in order to make sound decisions when it comes to buying and selling gold.